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About Me

I, The Hummingbird

“The hummingbird competes with the stillness of the air.”— Chogyam Trungpa.

Hummingbirds are the smallest migrating birds on the planet and have the potential to fly nonstop for nearly 2 000 kilometres. Their unique wings have made hummingbirds the most manoeuvrable birds on the planet.

Like the hummingbird, Enzo Rujugiro, despite his size, shows a tenacity and flexibility that is instrumental in his consistently fast advancement through both the South African and global karting ranks. Quiet, passionate, focused — all adjectives that describe Enzo. Exemplified in his development as a driver over the past few years after cutting his racing teeth in the Bambino karting category.

Enzo humbly admits that when he is feeling overwhelmed or bombarded by challenges, he reflects on his favourite animal — the hummingbird. He believes that in the moments when he’s feeling insignificant, he can emulate this tiny bird which efficiently goes about its business.

My Journey

Born in Rwanda, with a Canadian passport, and having lived and raced in South Africa and Europe, he is a true citizen of the world. Enzo’s inherited his love of motorsport from his father — an F1 fanatic, and Enzo’s biggest supporter. Familial support is of the utmost importance to Enzo as he pursues a strategic, long-term plan to take him through the echelons of motorsport to his ultimate goal of international F1 racing.

“I’m very competitive and have always had older siblings or teammates that I compete in challenges with. I usually win when I’m super focused…with me, size really does count!”

Consistence is key to Enzo’s development as a driver and he attributes his progress to a comprehensive and holistic driver development programme instituted Mpho Elijah Gumbi – owner and team manager of the Squadra Corse racing team — after he started driving for the team back in South Africa.

“Whenever I want to achieve something, I keep my eyes wide open, concentrate and make sure I know exactly what it is I want to achieve. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.”

World Class Racer

Becoming a world-class motorsport athlete is about more than just being able to race a vehicle around a track. The carefully designed driver programme addresses all elements of the equation. Physical training, which includes muscle toning and cardio, together with hand-eye coordination exercises, is complemented by correct nutrition, emotional and mental wellbeing support, and input from other, experienced drivers to help to prepare the young drivers for qualifying in races, learning to think strategically, passing other drivers in a safe and calculated manner, and ensuring that they start and finish races strong and consistently.

The SA Mini ROK Championship in 2022 was Enzo’s preparation for contending in the Levanto Trophy Final in Lonato, Italy in late 2022, where he showed immense growth and gained extensive experience, allowing him to experience the expectations of international karting. While Enzo’s progress continuous forward momentum through the karting ranks in South Africa was evident, a move to Europe with management team ICAN in January 2023, to participate in international racing, took his driving career to a whole new level.

Racing under the Kart Republic banner, Enzo’s 2023 racing calendar is full and well-rounded, encapsulating three different karting championships — the WSK Karting Championship, the FIA Championship, and the Champions of the Future. His can-do attitude is critical to his long-term vision of moving onto the main circuit in 2026. Dedication to the motorsport craft is evident in his outlook and will serve him well as he rises to the challenges endemic to the sport.

ICAN Management

ICAN — Mpho Gumbi’s management company — is instrumental in helping Enzo achieve his evolving and ultimate goals. ICAN has been a leading light in the growth of motorsport for the previously disadvantaged in South Africa. The company ensures that the path to premium motorsport classes is protected, with rock-solid contracts in place and a strong support system available to each driver in the team. This beacon for young African drivers has the best interests of its drivers and mechanics at heart, and focuses on nurturing and promoting them to the higher echelons of motorsport both locally and internationally.